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Timing Is Everything: The Best Times To Buy Your Nugs

Not all days are equal, especially when it comes to buying cannabis. Certain days offer deals just for being a “Tuesday,” for example. Some folks like to buy the freshest buds, while others want to skip the line. Whatever characteristics fuel your cannabis purchasing patterns, here we examine the best times to buy your nugs.


Fresh Buds

If fresh weed is your top priority, you’ll want to – generally speaking – get to your favorite dispensary earlier in the week and earlier in the day. It’s hard to say exactly when a dispensary orders its shipments since that’s reliant upon a multitude of different factors which vary from dispensary to dispensary, however, a good rule of thumb to ensure you’re getting the freshest green for your green is to shop earlier in the week during the morning hours, when there’s a higher probability of a fresh restock. If you’re curious about when a specific strain restocks, ask your budtender.


Lower Lines

This might seem like a no-brainer, but if you’re looking to avoid lines when buying your cannabis, it’s best to shop earlier in the week and later in the day. Why? Well for starters, think about all the other cannafans who are gearing up for a fun weekend on a Friday. For this reason, most quality dispensaries are slammed on Fridays, as well as on the weekends. So for your best bet on low lines, hit your pot shop early in the week during the late afternoon, before people start trickling in on their way home from work during rush hour.

Deals Deals Deals

For those of you who are all about value, each new day provides a potential new and different discount. Many dispensaries offer specials depending on which day of the week it is.

For example, here at ECO Cannabis, we’re offering 15% off the entire store for early bird Sunday, and 20% off all edibles for “Munchie Monday” with minimum purchase of $100.

For “Terpy Tuesday,” it’s 20% off all concentrates with a minimum purchase of $100 and BOGO $4.20 Danfoot infused pre-rolls.

For “Weed Wednesday,” we offer 20% off all ECO brand flower and 15% off all other flower with minimum purchase of $100.

Thursdays are BOGO deals on $4.20 Town Gas Eighths and $1 Town Gas pre-rolls, and for “Freaky Friday” if you buy a product you’ve never purchased from ECO you’ll get a pre-roll for a penny! While ECO has a different deal every day of the week, deals and the days they’re offered change frequently, so it’s important to check our website or call in advance to verify that a promo is still happening.

The ECO Difference

ECO Cannabis serves the highest quality medical and recreational cannabis in the greater Oakland area. Our safe and modern dispensary is filled with friendly, knowledgeable staff who help you understand and feel comfortable with what you’re buying. For personalized service and insight into where your cannabis comes from that you won’t find anywhere else, check us out at


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