Rehabilitation Center Belle Fourche

Not everyone can head home after a hospital stay. Sometimes there is more work to be done. That’s where the team at Rolling Hills Healthcare comes in. Our rehabilitation center in Belle Fourche can help you during this transitional time. Contact us today for a tour.

What is a rehabilitation center?

A rehabilitation center is a facility for individuals who no longer need hospital care but are not able to live independently in their homes yet. A rehab facility helps patients learn skills needed to adjust to their new reality, or assists them in relearning essential skills for independent living. These facilities employ professionals in a variety of professions. Occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, and many other professionals help the patients in these facilities.

People who suffered broken hips, strokes, heart attacks, even knee/joint replacements are all candidates for stays in these types of facilities. People recovering from those conditions can work on their recovery at an inpatient rehabilitation facility. Some of these facilities go by the moniker of skilled nursing facilities.

Paying for a rehabilitation center

Before leaving the hospital, partner with your center of choice to see what your level of coverage is. Insurance is a very complex system. There are professionals at both the hospital and the rehab center that can help you determine your levels of coverage. You want to make sure your insurance works at the facility of your choice. If not, you will need to select another rehab center.

If you utilize Medicare/Medicaid, those programs do offer coverage for programs like rehab centers. However, there are criteria you must meet before those benefits kick in. Before moving to your center of choice, work with the benefits coordinator to ensure you meet the requirements.

Our rehabilitation center in Belle Fourche has professionals who will check your eligibility and will make sure you understand your level of coverage.

Signs of a quality rehab center

Not every rehab center is equal. While we can think that all treat patients well, that sadly is not the case. Be on the lookout for certain things when interviewing and touring a rehabilitation center.

  • Research the facility to check for any complaints filed against it
  • Check to make sure the facility has all the required licenses for the services they provide
  • See if they employ an activity director and how they arrange social events for their residents.
  • See how the staff responds to a surprise visit. A well-managed facility is ready at all times.

There are many other things worth consideration, but these are a few significant points to be on the lookout for.

When a short term stay becomes a long term stay

It can sometimes happen that a person needs a much longer stay in a rehab facility. That stay can end up being permanent. If that happens, work with the discharge manager about a transfer to another unit within your current facility, or ask for help to find a long term nursing home to help you.

Schedule your tour today of Highland Hills Healthcare.  Our experienced team can’t wait to serve you at our rehabilitation center in Belle Fourche.

Rehabilitation Center Belle Fourche

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Rehabilitation Center Belle Fourche

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