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Questions Your Budtender Should Be Able To Answer

It’s normal to have questions about cannabis. Whether you’re a seasoned smoking vet or it’s your first time buying, helpful budtenders exist to make your smoking journey all the more pleasurable. As such, here are a few top questions that any professional budtender should be able to answer.


How is your flower grown?

For many, what’s inor ontheir weed is of high importance, and if it’s not for you, it should be. How and where your weed is grown could be the difference between nugs littered with pesticides and mold, or nugs that are organic and fresh. Guess who knows the difference? That’s right, your budtender. So next time you’re at the dispensary, ask your budtender where and how your favorite strain is grown. You might be surprised to learn the answer.

Additionally, knowing how and where your nugs are grown is important if you enjoy supporting local businesses. If you find out your weed is actually being grown in a different state, you might think twice about your next purchase and support a local farm.

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What’s the high like for this type of weed?

Whether it’s a concentrate, flower, or an edible, all good butenders should be able to tell you the effects of different strains and the specifics of what the high is like. They should be able to tell you if the pot is energizing or couch-locking, if it will help you sleep or help you start your day, and if the high lasts several hours or comes and goes rather quickly. Budtenders are the new wine connoisseurs, and just as you would place your trust in a wine seller’s palette for enjoying fermented grapes, you’re placing your trust in your budtender’s ability to act as a “weed Sherpa,” which arguably carries a higher amount of responsibility.

Do you have weed for… [insert ailment or feeling here]

Good budtenders have a weed recommendation for everything. If you’re looking to have a certain experience from your pot, your budtender should have it covered. And that’s the beauty of a quality budtender’s brain. You should be able to verbalize your desired stoney situatione.g. smoking a sativa that will help you improve your focusand voila! Your budtender will suggest an assortment of viable options.

At ECO Cannabis, our wide variety of cannabis products allows you to easily find the consumption type that best fits your needs. Our safe, compliant, and tested products are produced in-house and monitored from seed to sale.

What are the popular strains right now?

All good budtenders know the cannabis market like the back of their hands and thus should be able to articulate the latest trends in all things weed. If they’re unable to provide you with the lowdown on the hottest cannabis strains, might we suggest choosing a different dispensary.

Visit us at ECO Cannabis for a personalized cannabis shopping experience. Our educated staff and welcoming environment make it easy for you to feel comfortable and confident when choosing your cannabis. An experienced budtender will personally walk you through suggestions based on your needs.

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