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Oakland’s Best Buds for Your Buck!

It’s been economically challenging this past year. While the world is slowly waking up from its hibernation, financial matters are still at the forefront of many people’s minds. To help you keep a few extra dollars in your pocket, we’re outlining some of the best buds for your buck that Oakland has to offer.

Tutti Pouches

For those who roll their own smokes or pack their own pieces, Tutti Pouches are a tasty, affordable way to get high without breaking the bank. Packing one gram of ground kief-infused flower per pouch, the $7 Tutti Pouch is a bargain for those seeking a quality high at a lower price. The pouches come in Indica, Sativa, and hybrid varieties. So whatever your smoking style preference is, the Tutti Pouch can accommodate.


A great value buy hailing from Santa Barbara are Autumn Brands’ pre-rolled joints. Despite their southern coastal origin, Autumn Brands are well-stocked throughout the Oakland area. Their indoor-grown, pesticide-free weed is extremely affordable in pre-roll form. At $28 per pack of seven joints, the Autumn Brands pre-rolled joint contains 0.5 grams of full flower, no shake, and zero trim. It’s wrapped in premium pre-roll papers for a premium puffing experience.


You like getting high and you like inexpensive cannabis products, but smoking isn’t your preferred method of consumption. Fear not! For our more edible-inclined friends, two options provide an excellent high relative to their price point. Consider the Mellows brand marshmallows and Cann’s Social Tonics.

For just $7 each, you can get individual Mellows marshmallows. Each tasty Mellow contains 5mg of cannabis. If you prefer a beverage, treat yourself to a bubbly cannabis-infused Social Tonic by Cann. These are flavored seltzers with 12mg of THC and CBD, providing a long-lasting buzz within 10-15 minutes of consumption. Either option will support California-based companies and stretch your weed dollars that much further.


ECO Cannabis Brand Nugs

For fans of our homegrown Oakland nugs, ECO Cannabis offers 3.5 grams of ECO brand buds for anywhere between $45 and $50. This is an affordable local flower option that won’t obliterate your finances. Check out our ECO Cannabis flower selection. For additional value, buy early on a Sunday to take advantage of our “early bird Sunday” deal for 15% off your entire purchase order.


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