There’s no better time than the present to pursue a career change, so why not explore budtending? Whether you’re budtender-curious or have “budtender” listed as one of your long term goals, we’ll walk you through the basics of what you’ll need to turn your budtending dreams into a budtending reality.

How To Become A Budtender

Photo Credit: Cornelio Greer

A Passion For Cannabis

The key to success in any field is being passionate about the space you’re in. When it comes to budtending, the same rule applies. In order to become a budtender, you should derive enjoyment from all aspects of the marijuana plant. All five of your senses should embody joy when they experience or come in contact with cannabis. Simply put, to become a budtender, cannabis should be part of your daily routine. The act of rolling a joint should consistently put a smile on your face, as should inhaling the smell of a beautiful fresh batch of nugs. If your passion for the plant is nonexistent, either cultivate one fast or choose a different career path to pursue.

Service Industry Experience

After you decide that being a budtender is indeed your life’s calling, the next step is to make sure you have Service Industry experience on your resume. If you think about it, being a budtender is very much a sales job, except the product you’re selling and expected to have supreme knowledge about happens to be a plant that can get you high. Just like a wine sales representative, you’ll be tasked with helping prospective cannabis buyers make informed decisions on their weed purchases, based on everything from flavor and taste, the effects of the high to how specific strains affect your health. You don’t need to know every cannabis fact, but you should know how to be a people person and how to talk to people.

Know Your Buds And The Cannabis Trends

When it comes to knowing cannabis, budtenders reign supreme. To join their ranks, you too should be tapped into the world of weed and what. However, like any job, passion, experience and a willingness to learn are more important than being a canna-know-it-all, so don’t fret if your cannabis knowledge isn’t as robust as it could be. The great thing about knowledge is that it can be acquired, so learning about the different kinds of weed, the growing process and the latest trends is all something you can do relatively quickly once you have the job. With that said, you’ll definitely have a leg up on your competition if you happen to come to the table with a solid understanding of weed and all its parts.

Choosing The Right Dispensary

Something being “the right fit” is often associated with success stories, and the same goes for you and the dispensary at which you’re looking to be a budtender. To easily understand if you’ll be a culture fit, simply visit the dispensaries you’re thinking about applying to and observe the employees. Within minutes you’ll get a read on the people and the environment and will be able to make a snap judgement if the place feels right to you. Like with any job, it’s important to keep happiness a priority, so choosing a budtending shop that feels good to you is crucial to your success.

The Budtenders At ECO Cannabis

ECO Cannabis is a values-driven, diverse, vertically integrated cannabis company that serves the highest quality medical and recreational cannabis in the greater Oakland area. Our knowledgeable budtenders – aka Experience Guides – help you find what you’re looking for every time you visit our store, and help you understand and feel comfortable with what you’re buying by providing personalized insight into where your cannabis comes from that you won’t find anywhere else.