For some, smoking weed is all about the high and experiencing marijuana’s psychoactive effects. If getting heady is an integral part of your smoking experience, check out these five strains that will blast you off on a mind-expanding voyage to another dimension.

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There’s a reason the LSD cannabis strain is named after the famed psychedelic drug of the same moniker, mainly because of the way it stimulates your mind and how the cerebral and psychoactivity is very similar to LSD but without the hallucinogenic effects. The LSD strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid, so there may be an element of drowsiness that accompanies your heady high, though typically not until the come down. That leaves plenty of time to enjoy a long window of creativity, where you’ll be lucid enough to have art flowing through you, but you’ll blissed enough to also simply sit back and enjoy the ride inside your mind.

Amnesia Haze

Considered by some as the pioneer of “psychoactive strains,” Amnesia Haze is the OG in the psychoactive strain game. The uplifting Sativa will splash a brilliant wave of euphoria throughout your body and mind, providing an energetic boost to your mood and mental outlook. The citrus flavor will not overwhelm you, and the psychedelic effects will energize you rather than put you to sleep. A great strain to start your day, Amnesia Haze is one you’ll want to lean on regularly if you enjoy psychedelics, but make sure your tolerance is further along than most, as this is definitely not a strain for those who have only recently embarked on their cannabis journey.

Lemon Power Haze

Much like its name suggests, Lemon Power Haze smells and tastes like lemons, and like most haze strains, packs some serious psychedelic effects. Almost immediately after consumption, the Sativa-dominant hybrid gets to work at providing you with an uplifting, zen-like awareness, similar to that of magic mushrooms, whereby you understand that the world and all its moving parts are all interconnected through love and an omnipresent oneness. The strain’s ability to generate powerful intellectual energy lasts for the duration of the high, so you’ll want to dabble with some Lemon Power Haze if attempting to look at life or a specific issue with some different colored lenses, or if you simply want to ruminate in a sea of thoughts that attempt to better understand your consciousness, while being equally entertained with a variety of stimulating colors and visuals.


If ever a strain could be considered cannabis royalty it would be Headband, a potent hybrid with two of the most famous marijuana strains as parents in Sour Diesel and OG Kush. The high from Headband sort of comes on like an edible in that it takes a while to land, to the point you think it’s not working for you, when WHAM! You get knocked in the face with a fat fist of psychedelic euphoria. Adding to the visual distortions you’ll experience is the pressurized feeling across your forehead, much akin to the feeling of wearing an actual headband. With Headband, the key is patience, so it’s best suited for situations in which weed consumption may not be possible later, so you’re loading up beforehand and aiming for a timed release.

Durban Poison

Quite possibly the most psychoactive strain on this psychoactive strains list, Durban Poison is the weed you’ll want to smoke to experience crazy colors, trippy visuals and quality hallucinations for the duration of your smoke sesh and beyond. Because of its low THC percentage, this pure Sativa allows you to consume a large amount of pot without destroying your brain, which prolongs the psychoactive effects without the crash.

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The ECO Difference

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