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What’s the best dispensary in the Bay Area? What’s the cheapest dispensary in Oakland? These are common questions that people ask even though the city by the Bay is relatively saturated with cannabis dispensaries compared to other cities in California. I also noticed that people are asking where to buy edibles online or are looking up “edible delivery near me” on the web. I can recommend ECO Cannabis all day long, but I want to dedicate this article to sharing actionable insight about how you can actually find the best dispensary near you, for you


Especially if you’re a medical marijuana patient, you want to prioritize finding a cannabis dispensary that meets your needs. Every dispensary is different. Each one is its own unique brand and offers a distinct atmosphere. The best cannabis dispensary for you is one that makes you feel warmly supported and welcomed. It can be helpful to explore a variety of dispensaries and ask questions to the staff. Determine which dispensary in your area is professional and well-integrated with the local community.

You can refer to tools like WeedMaps to begin your search. Use the ‘dispensary near me’ feature to discover the app’s recommendations. Apps like these can also inform you about where to buy edibles online and where you can find a cannabis delivery service.

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I recommend visiting a variety of dispensaries to see which ones make you feel safe, comfortable, and enlightened when you ask questions regarding the type of cannabis experience you want.


It’s just as important to know what you want as it is to know what you don’t want. Find dispensaries that are following legal protocol and settle for nothing less. Cannabis dispensaries that ask for your photo ID and validate your medical marijuana patient status are most likely legitimate for medicinal cannabis. If you choose to shop at a dispensary that foregoes that procedure or is at risk for shutting down, it can affect your access to cannabis medicine.


Speaking of legitimacy, you should find a dispensary that has a knowledgeable staff who can offer information about different strains of cannabis. You should be able to ask the staff any questions about the reason for which you choose to use cannabis and the experience you desire, and expect a professional response. If staff members appear to lack knowledge about how cannabis can treat your ailment(s) and the science behind the cannabis recommendation they’re making, then consider a different dispensary.


Some dispensaries invest in raising awareness by actively involving themselves with the local community in a variety of ways. It’s typical for many dispensaries to host demo days in their shops. Others may do community outreach or even educational programs. Some dispensaries near you may even work in conjunction with local clinics or hospitals. The best dispensary near you (and for you) will advocate for you as a patient.

A customer exploring and shopping in a dispensary with ECO’s Experience Guide. Photo credit: Cornelio Greer


The most important features in a dispensary near you are the characteristics of its shop and staff that make you feel safe, secure, welcome, warm, and full of information about the cannabis products that they recommend are best for the experience you want to create. Most dispensaries won’t allow you to consume cannabis on-site. Many dispensaries have a security guard to ensure that everyone at the shop has adequate identification to verify their age and medical marijuana status.


During a pandemic, dispensaries are finding ways to implement a delivery service. Even when you can find where to buy edibles online, be sure that the dispensary follows food safety protocols. Professional dispensaries will have protocols in place that check for signs of mold, age, and contaminants across all products on the shelves.


At ECO Cannabis, you can find where to buy edibles online at the virtual shop here. You can shop for Indica, sativa, and hybrid blends to pick up from the store or deliver to your doorstep. All the items you can buy online include tinctures, balms, edibles, local flower, wellness products, and more.

Photo credit: Cornelio Greer


Great cannabis dispensaries have a good working relationship with their growers. Staff should be able to answer questions about where and how the store’s cannabis is grown. The next time you wonder ‘where can I find cannabis delivery near me,’ you can refer to these quick tips to help you find the brand that can best meet your needs.



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