Deciding on the flavor for your edible journey can be tough, particularly when choosing between gummies and chocolates. These days, it seems there are as many gummy flavors as there are chocolate variations, which can lead to analysis paralysis if you possess a sweet tooth. Here we help you avoid information overload and help steer your edible ship toward options that will have you both digging the taste and feeling groovy.

edibles in cookie form

Locking In Your Preference

Once upon a time, eating a marijuana edible meant eating a stereotypical pot brownie. Boring. Now, with legalization and the explosion of the cannabis industry, the edibles of today are much more diverse. Not only do you have the option to choose between edibles containing different quantities of THC, you’re also able to choose between strain types and the different substance categories that comprise an edible. The two most popular types of marijuana edibles are gummies and chocolates. But which option is the best?

The Case For Chocolates

Recent studies suggest there might actually be more THC in cannabis edibles containing chocolate versus those that do not (aka, gummies). This is because for some reason, when chocolate is combined with weed, it diminishes the ability to accurately test for THC potency. So if you fancy the chance of getting a stronger high for your buck, stick with chocolate.

There’s also the “fat” element in chocolate, which helps protect THC from breaking down and is better for when you’re treating an edible as a sedative. If sleeping is your prerogative, THC-laden chocolates are the way to go.

The Case For Gummies

For gummies, the effects are generally the opposite of chocolates. Gummies tend to be less sedating and are better suited for daytime use. So if you’re hitting that music festival, enjoying a peaceful afternoon outdoors or engaging in any activity conducive to needing energy while consuming weed, gummies are the clear choice. It’s also why gummies are generally the preferred edible when engaging in social situations. When you think gummies, think stamina, which is perfect for enjoying a concealed high and weathering even the longest of conversations.

The Chocolates At ECO Cannabis

The chocolate edible selection at ECO Cannabis offers a wide ride array of chocolatey goodness from the wildly popular edible brand, Kiva Confections. You’ll find items like the bestselling Hybrid Kiva Bar, made of churro milk chocolate and 100mg of THC, and the delicious Blueberry Chocolate Terra Bites, which come in a pack of 20 that delivers creamy milk chocolate and 5mg of THC per serving.

If milk chocolate isn’t your thing, there’s the Midnight Mint Dark Chocolate Kiva Bar containing 100mg of THC (5mg THC / 2mg CBN per serving), which is great for a good night’s sleep, or the Hybrid Espresso Chocolate Terra Bites, which are crafted from micro-roasted Tanzanian coffee beans and coated in premium dark chocolate for an irresistible pick-me-up.

The Gummies At ECO Cannabis

If you prefer the non-chocolatey sweetness of gummies, ECO Cannabis has a wonderful selection of gummy treats and sweets. Best-sellers include:

  • Unwind Gummies’ Blackberry Lemon Indica chewables which contains 90mg THC / 10mg CBD (4.5mg THC / 1mg CBD per serving) and feels like drinking a warm cup of tea at the end of the day
  • Kiva Confections’ Watermelon Lemonade Bliss, containing 100mg of THC (5mg THC per serving), which delivers a citrusy Hybrid boost
  • And Uplift Gummies’ Sour Watermelon, containing 100mg THC (5mg per serving), which delivers a refreshing, energizing way to amplify any occasion.

Whether you’re a chocolate aficionado or staunch gummy supporter, ECO cannabis has you covered for all of your cannabis needs.