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Cannadeals: What Specials Are Worth It?

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These days, it can be difficult to differentiate a truly good deal from good marketing. So what makes a cannaspecial actually special? Here we peel back the curtain on certain cannadeals to highlight those that are worth your dollar.


Popcorn Buds

Ever wonder what happens to the smaller, less-regarded siblings of top-shelf nugs that grow toward the bottom of the weed plant? Enter: Popcorn buds. Just because they’re smaller doesn’t mean they won’t pack a punch. Since popcorn buds are from the same top-shelf plants as the “regular-sized nugs,” their effects are just the same. What you’re lacking in size you can make up for by more easily rolling joints or packing bowls. So if popcorn buds are on sale or they’re a special ticket item, definitely consider making a purchase and adding those tiny little buds to your cannaaresnal. 


Pre-rolled Joints

The nice thing about pre-rolled joints is that a lot of dispensaries have used them as marketing tools. For everything from a free add-on if your purchase hits a certain dollar amount, to a free sample of a new brand the dispensary is considering stocking. Joints are a fantastic compliment to any deal, and pre-roll specials are well worth your money.



If the dispensary you frequent happens to sell shake, you’re in for a special treat, especially if that shake is from medical marijuana. With shake from medical marijuana, you’re getting medical-grade ganj at a discounted rate, which makes it all the more worthwhile. Additionally, shake comes rolling ready. With minimal effort, you can go home, open your new shake, and either twist one up or pack a piece without ever having to use a grinder.



Deals Of The Day

The granddaddy of the day is the daily special, and in the cannabis world, daily deals are king. Typically, a daily special features a different kind of cannabis product each day. It changes frequently so there’s something for people of all consumption preferences to enjoy a special for at least one day out of the week.

At ECO Cannabis, our current daily deals include:

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