Instead of drinking your routine morning coffee, what if you could smoke weed and experience the same joyful feelings provided by caffeinated glory? Here we outline some of the best Sativas in our shop that will  help you wake up and start your day on a positive note.

Sativa cannabis plant


Super Silver Haze

Dark orange hairs wrap around these lime green buds from CBX Cannabiotix, a Sativa originating in Amsterdam in the 1970s that’s been passed down over the decades from generation to generation until it arrived at the doorstep of CBX, where it instantly became one of the first strains CBX founders had the pleasure of growing. The nugs are packed with crystals emitting a cheesy, spicy aroma that tingles your nostrils, and the high provides a powerfully uplifting and euphoric feeling consistent with haze family highs. In addition to being a fantastic catalyst to jump start your day, Super Silver Haze is known to be a great remedy for addressing pain throughout the body as an alternative form of therapy.

Sour Diesel

Brought to you by Old Pal, our one-eighth ounce bag of Sour Diesel contains a boatload of high quality, sungrown Sativa flower that will help activate your mind, body and soul on any given morning. Old Pal Sour Diesel is the perfect morning coffee replacement because of the energizing boost it provides your body, as well as the way it sparks your mind’s creativity. One of the most recognizable marijuana strains in existence, Sour Diesel remains a mainstay for wake-and-bakers everywhere or anyone looking for an uplifting, daytime high that will elevate your mood and overall sense of wellbeing.

Durban Poison

Here at ECO Cannabis, we stock two different forms of the wildly popular Sativa, Durban Poison. The first is the Old Pal Original Ready To Roll Kit, which includes high-quality pre-ground Sativa, crutches, and pure hemp rolling papers. The sungrown flower consists of both large and small whole buds containing zero shake and zero additives, for an energizing and uplifting bliss that feels like a warm cup of coffee in your hands. Old Pal’s Durban Poison provides an enlightened weed smoking experience that’s all packed into one kit for more convenience and less mess.

The second Durban Poison strain we stock is sourced from State Flower Cannabis, a one-hundred percent pure Sativa rich in THCv, which makes it an effective appetite suppressant. Complimenting the superb uplifting and energizing effects of State Flower’s Durban Poison is its sneaky blueberry aftertaste, which provides a pleasant, flavorful bonus when starting your day with this strain.


A premium Sativa at a premium price, XJ-13 is a Sativa-dominant hybrid hailing from Silver Cannabis. The strain balances high levels of THC with Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, and Ocimene terpenes, making it a fantastic choice for morning productivity without the “raciness” that can be found in a lot of Sativa-leaning strains. XJ-13 is also one of the more flavorful Sativas on the market and boasts a delicious tropical-citrus aroma. Think of XJ-13 as the equivalent of an espresso: After only a few hits you’ll be fully functional and ready to take on your morning, meaning you won’t need to consume a lot to feel the supercharged flow of energy permeating throughout your body.


Rounding out our morning coffee replacement strains is Banjo, a cornerstone of Coastal Sun’s lineup of organically grown flowers in Santa Cruz County. Providing a combination of tangie zest, pine flavors and subtle hints of cheese, Banjo’s unique aromas help usher in feelings of uplifting euphoria and enhanced creativity, with a bonus of treating pain relief. For those who like to work early in the morning, Banjo is the perfect morning coffee replacement because of its ability to help engage your mind and shake off the mental cobwebs from the night before.

The ECO Difference

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