Ah, 420. The glorious annual celebration of all things cannabis. The one day a year marijuana enthusiasts can truly let their cannabis flags fly free. Here are some essential items you can buy in order to make this 420 the best one yet.


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The Buds

If you’re trying to honor the smoking gods, there’s no better way to do so than by puffing on a classic strain of OG Kush or Haze. When it comes to Kush, ECO Cannabis has you covered with the beautiful Indica, Bubba Kush (3.5g for $45), and the sedative Hybrid, Kush Mountains (3.5g for $68). For Haze, ECO supplies the sweet-flavored Hybrid, Blueberry Haze (7g for $38) and the old-school Amsterdam Sativa, Super Silver Haze (3.5g for $62). Snagging any of these buddulars will be met with strong approval from all of your 420-supporting peers, though ultimately purchasing and puffing whatever buds make you happiest is what really counts. 


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The Edibles

Celebrating 420 with pot brownies is like celebrating a birthday with cake: it just makes sense. While making weed brownies at home can certainly be a fun activity, they’re hard to dose properly on your own. If one part of the batch ends up containing the majority of the THC oil, it will throw you and your potential 420 guests out of high alignment, since some folks will get crushed and others will get none. One way around this headache is to snag one of ECO’s premium edibles, such as a 10 pack of Enjoyable Edibles’ 100mg Blackout Brownies. Blackout Brownies provide a delicious way to enjoy homemade 420 brownies without the mess, while also giving you the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much cannabis is each.

The Snacks

Last but not least, the most vital essential to your 420 fun – besides weed – are snacks. What you select as your snack game can potentially make or break your high as well as your 420 mood. So choose wisely! It’s recommended to purchase a balanced snack portfolio with a generous blend of both sweet and savory treats. You can’t go wrong with the classic chips and ice cream combination, and a large pizza will never go to waste. The key here is to apply the 1:1 ratio: For every salty treat, buy a sweet.

Let’s also remember the beverage factor. A delicious drink will help keep your stamina rolling for the duration of the stoney holiday. Cold, carbonated drinks with a hint of sugar are usually a great buy, and can provide the perfect compliment to a savory snack.

Whatever your 420 preferences are, remember to have fun, be safe and enjoy your high.